Ways to Build a Following for Free

Build a Following

Ways to Build a Following for Free

Whether you are trying to monetize your blog, share information, build a list, or all of these you will need to attract a following. More traffic means more page views and more viewers.  This is what most bloggers have problems with.

So how do you build a following to your blog for free?

It can be quite simple, really! You just have to be consistent and (of course) follow my blog for new or updated blogging secrets.  I am always adding new tips and tricks that you don’t want to miss out on!

Here are some ways that you can build a following for your blog without spending any money:

Enable Comments

I know you are probably asking yourself, “Who doesn’t allow comments on their blogs??” but you’d be surprised how many blogs don’t. Enabling comments makes your blog be more interactive.  It gives you a way to communicate with your readers and for them communicate with one another.  This is important for building a blog community, because readers will feel like they are part of something.  As the blog administrator, don’t forget to comment on new comments yourself.  Make it easy to log in without having to subscribe to your blog, and you will see more people contributing to the conversation.  Another way to keep people commenting is to use the CommentLuv plugin.  It automatically adds a titled link at the end of the comment which links back to the their latest blog post.  Don’t have this plugin yet?  Click here to download it.

Social Media

Social media just might be the easiest way for you to build a following for your blog.  Facebook and Twitter are free and virtually effortless tools to attract more readers. Just like your blog, you will want to be sure to update these sites often.  If you are promoting your Twitter or Facebook accounts and your reader decides to follow you – which is what you want them to do – and when they get there they see it has been 2 months since you posted anything there, they may think that you don’t update information in your blog either. Use social media as a way to brand your blog; create a Twitter account that notifies readers when you add a new article or feature, and start a Facebook Fan Page that will highlight your readership. Let your readers do the work for you. With Twitter, people can easily retweet your tweets, which builds a bigger following. With Facebook, people can invite others to become a “fan,” which also reaches out to a bigger audience than you would have been able to do alone. Be sure to set up these profiles to the max.  This is what everyone will see when they visit them.


You can easily pump up traffic with videos.  Don’t worry…you don’t have to a full body shot video.  You really don’t need to show yourself at all if you don’t want to.  The main thing is, is that you make a video about your post.  Either explaining it more in detail or by showing them a how to use or do something with step by step instructions.  People love it when you make it as easy and pain free as possible for them.  If you don’t have a video for them to watch, they will most likely go search for one to help them if they need it.  All you are doing is giving this other person traffic.  Keep the traffic for you, or if you have someone you work with closely online you can help one another by sending each other traffic to their blog posts/videos.


Guest Posts

You will have to invest some time in doing this, but in the end it will be well worth it as writing a guest post is an invaluable tool to increasing traffic.  You can add backlinks to your blog which can draw brand new visitors to your website.  If the new visitors like what they see, they’ll come back and will mostly likely share it with others.  Also, by writing informative articles for another blog, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.  Just be sure to find a blog that provides information about a similar topic, and contact the blog author to see if they allow guest bloggers.  There are many that do, and if they don’t now they most likely will. It never hurts to ask!


There’s many more ways to for you to build a following for free, but this should keep you busy for a little while.

Have fun my friends!





Be kind and share below with us what your favorite ways or places are that you use to build a following or to gain traffic to your site and why.

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