Using Youtube to Increase Your Google Ranking

Does using Youtube really increase your Google search results rankings? If you have googled anything lately, I am sure you have seen, just like I have, that more Youtube videos results are ranking high onto the top of Google’s page.  Ever since Google found a way to monetize  their youtube channels we’ve seen more and more videos ranking high in search results.

If you are wanting to pump up your SEO and reach the top, you should definitely be using videos.  There are many ways you can use videos to do this, from video tutorials to a full “about us” video that explains who you are and what your company is all about.  Take a look to see what  your competition is using or what others in your same field in another state or town have for their sites. Don’t forget to make it your own!

Here is a good video put out by Google that will teach you the basics of getting your youtube video’s to rank high in Google search.



Just throwing video up into youtube will not guarantee to you top the search engine result pages and according to Google, your video’s will only rank well if all factors are present including content quality and hits and ratings.

Go have fun and make some videos! Then come back here and share them when you are done!



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