Twiends – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter Cheat Sheet?


The #1 place to grow your social network!

What exactly is Twiends?  Twiends is a place where you can grow your Twitter community, grow your Facebook Fans for your pages, and increase your Youtube viewings.  And it is really easy to do!
There are 4 different ways to get Twiends Seeds:

  1. Follow and Like others users in Twiends and every Follow and Like will give you at least 2 seeds which could be maximum to 9 seeds.
  2. Refer your friend to Twiends with your referrer link.
  3. Purchase seeds from Twiends.
  4. Use one of the Free Seeds Credit Codes that I am share with you below by entering the code in this link after you login to your twiends account.

You’ll see that at Twiends, they have followed all the rules of these social networking sites to avoid problems.  It is to their benefit as well that they are here to stay!  So it makes sense that they do it this way.

Watch this Twiends Video Tutorial where I personally walk you through step by step how to setup your twiends account as well as connect your twitter, facebook, and youtube channel and show you how it works…

Once you are a member you will receive important notifications about this program so you will be up to date on the latest news and have access to their active support forums.

A good feature about Twiends is you can set your location and your interests, this will then allow you to see who has the same interests or location as yourself, so you can choose who you want to follow and the same goes for those following you. You can see the members bio’s and interests also, so you can be as picky as you want or need to be :)  which is something you don’t find at other places.

I really think you’ll like this place!  Please, come back and tell me what you think!!

Have fun, and remember…Twiend Responsibly.

Free Seeds Credit Codes For Twiends:

G341UP = 50 credits
OK1SA5T = 50 credits
LK4W2Q= 50 credits

**Update** They just recently removed the facebook portion of twiends. I’m not sure if they will add this feature later – they would like to work something out with Facebook, but until they do I wanted to let you know the latest scoop!

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4 comments on “Twiends – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter Cheat Sheet?

  1. Again thanks for the wonderful tip Nicole! I’m definitely checking this site out. I can see how benficial this is going to be. Social networking make easier and I love it!

    -Roland Leveille
    Roland Leveille recently posted..The Internet ATM Review

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  3. I’ve used Twiends many times in the past and found that a lot of people unfollowed me after I followed. Now I use FollowsPro and the people there are more professional so they don’t unfollow as much.

    • I did notice that some do, but that’s why I automatically have it set up to unfollow all who unfollow me . (That does make sense, right? Hee Hee :D )

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