Top 10 Thriving Industries

Top 10 Thriving Industries – Are you in one of them?


We all have heard of how bad things are.  The economy is down, we’re in a recession, jobs are constantly being loss, people are lost – unsure of what to do….But according to the recent blog post with the Wall Street Journal; “Not every industry was decimated by the recession, in fact some areas of the economy are thriving.”

Take a look at the list of the Top 10 Thriving Industries :

Sector Revenue 2010 (in millions) Growth 2000-2010 Forecast Growth 2010-2016
Voice Over Internet Protocol Providers (VoIP) $12,498 194% 17.4%
Wind Power $3,388 16.9% 11.2%
E-Commerce & Online Auctions $95,005 12.2% 9.4%
Environmental Consulting $18,153 7.7% 9.4%
Biotechnology $86,971 11% 9.6%
Video Games $38,622 6.2% 8.3%
Solar Power $69 2.7% 7.9%
Third-Party Administrators & Insurance Claims Adjusters $57,530 6.9% 7.7%
Correctional Facilities $34,373 9.1% 7.5%
Internet Publishing & Broadcasting $32,573 25.2% 6.8%

Are you involved in any one of these?  If so, you are in a good position!


I have been online for quite some time, and have been involved with a rock solid company since July 2011.  This company is 3rd in the above list –  in the category of “E-Commerce & Online Auctions”.

I am very happy to be a part of this company, the longer I am in it, the better it seems to get!  What makes it even more wonderful is that my team and I are committed to helping everyone succeed.  It’s amazing how many lives we have seen changed since they joined with us.  People have went from having to walk to their local library for internet access to having internet service in their own home, while others have went from foodstamps to freedom – saying GOODBYE to local assistance or welfare programs.

Their are so many happy testimonials.  Are you ready to add your own?  Let us make a change in your lives as well.  Click here to join our team today.

I look forward to working with you!  Have a wonderful day  :)






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