Selfish Marketers

Are you a selfish marketer?

Think about this for a minute.  What do you think a selfish marketer is?  I will be making this a 2 part post, because I think there are two important parts that you should know on being a selfish marketer.

I notice that on many social networking sites and especially on skype, that many people are very selfish.  And it is sad :( .  Really it is!  I have people skype me links to check out a video, blog, link, ect.  several times a day.  No matter how busy I am I always try to take a look,  thank them for sharing, and rate/comment /high five what they sent me.

Why?  Because I believe in treating others how I wish to be treated….although these people never seem to return the favor.  But that’s okay.  It is after all their choice.  I let things take care of themselves.

Have you really looked at people’s twitter, facebook, youtube pages?  Take a close look and you’ll see what I mean.  The selfish marketers always promote for themselves, spamming everyone their biz ops,  never actually communicating with anyone.  I know that we are busy people, but take some time to actually be nice!  Don’t you like it when people comment on what you do?  It’s not that hard guys…really!  Try it sometime.  After all, people join people – not programs.  If all people see is a selfish person, why would they want to join you?

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