New Skype Captain America Icons

If you haven’t heard of or seen the latest Skype emoticons, then I am proud to present the New Skype Captain America Icons with all their glory.  I saw a friend of mine had one in his Skype profile the other day, which reminded me that I should finish this blog post so that others can have fun with these as well!

They all come from the latest Captain America Movie, “Captain America, The Winter Soldier” which I still haven’t seen yet.  The kids and I went to the movies this weekend but the girls got to pick so we watched Rio 2.  (Not that Rio 2 wasn’t good…but it’s no Captain America! lol)

The five new limited edition emoticons for Skype include Captain America, the mysterious Winter Soldier,  Nick Fury, Black Widow and the last one, which I think it my favorite is Captain America with his shield.

These are all hidden Skype Icons so to use them you have to know the codes for them.  To be honest, I’m not sure if they work with all versions of Skype.  It doesn’t hurt to try though!

To add the new emoticons to your IM chats, try typing in (captain) (bucky) (nickfury) (blackwidow) or (shielddeflect) to reveal these limited edition characters.

See the New Skype Captain America Icons in action below!





I hope you all have fun with these!

See you around online :)

Nicole Acosta





Take a moment to leave me a comment below and share with me which one of the Skype Captain America Icons is your favorite?!


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