Hot Social Media Nuggets

Five hot social media nuggets

      Social media’s popularity continues to grow, connecting people with just about everything from what they watch to what they buy.  Did you know that the value of the time consumers spend online and on social networks and blogs continues to grow.  It is most visible through the influence on purchase decisions. For example; 60 percent of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a specific brand or retailer from a social networking site. My family and I research things before we make our purchases, don’t you?  One phrase you constantly hear around our house is “Google it!”.

Here’s a list of the 5 hot media places you’ll want to use daily!

  1. Consumers still cling to email. There’s a battle of those who believe that emails work and those who don’t. But I am a firm believer that when you write them correctly, they work very well. I read in an article that these are the online activities attracting users;  email, with 7.6 percent, followed by portals, videos/movies and search each coming in at around 4 percent. Even less time is consumed in instant messaging (3.3 percent), software manufacturers (3.2 percent), classified auctions (2.9 percent) and current events and global news (2.6 percent.)
  2. Facebook is king. Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other website, with figures showing more than 140 million visitors in May. That’s nearly triple the 50 million visits logged by the second-highest site, Blogger, which is a hosting platform for individual blogs that use the Blogger domain.
  3. Mobile social networking is rising. While the majority of consumers still access social media through the computer (97 percent), more than a third nowadays (37 percent) are also doing so by mobile phones, with social networking apps gaining favor among such phoners. And surprisingly, more than twice as many people 55 and older are visiting social networking sites on their mobile phones than did so last year.
  4. Peers are powerful. The report shows that active adult social networkers tend to place a premium on their peers’ online recommendations when making purchases.  These Active adult social networkers — when measured side-by-side with the average Internet user — are 75 percent more likely to be big spenders on music and 47 percent more likely to spend bundles on clothing, shoes and accessories.
  5. Other social networking sites/forums. With new places popping up every day, it’s hard to keep up with them all. I bet if I asked 25 different marketers, I’d get different answers to their top spots.  Which ever you chose, make them work for you.  Staying active with a few is better than being non-active but a member of them all. It is wise to join them, fill out your profile and let others know that you are most active or can be found at ______ (<—fill in the blank to let them know where to find you).  Don’t forget to leave your contact details like skype, your cell, google voice phone number or other voice messaging service, email address, ect. so they have some way of connecting with you!

Before I close this post, I’d like to share one more thing. For me,it’s one tool I constantly recommend to everyone online – marketers or not – is skype. I don’t know what I’d do without skype!  If you have it feel free to add me: nicoleacosta1  But let me share this with you FIRST…I get really busy and sometimes forget to turn it to show me online.  Being a stay at home, work at home Mother of 6 kids I am constantly up and down, stepping away from my computer many times throughout the day.  I try to keep up with the “away”,  ”offline” and ” busy” statuses…but I must confess that I too make mistakes.  IF you can believe that!!  :)

I hope you to connect with you soon, where ever you maybe!  If you don’t see me there, you are welcome to invite me by sending me a personal invite.  I do not respond well to spammers, so please don’t leave any referral links anywhere on my pages.

Until then my friends!  Have a wonderful day!!

2 comments on “Hot Social Media Nuggets

  1. I agree that skype is a vital tool these days. It allows much more personal and immediate one on one communication.

    Active participation in larger networks such as Facebook and Twitter is important with Google + fast becoming another major contender. I have always been a “joiner” of social smaller networks to check them out but it is impossible to be an active member in all of them. Although I have probably joined too many over the years and spread myself too thin at times, I do think it important to try quite a few to find which one suits your own needs.
    Sue Bride recently posted..RamCage New Social Networking Resource

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