Happy New Year 2014

A lot happened in 2013.  Going through my daughter’s illness really effected me.  Not only as a Mother, but as a marketer as well.  I’m sure some of you don’t or won’t understand this, and that’s okay!  But I wanted to share it anyways.  I knew I wanted to spend even more time with my kids.  I wanted to take them on trips that we’ve never been on, buy them random things they ask for without having to ask my husband first, or get up and take everyone out to dinner just because…Yet I knew that in order to do all this I needed to make more money in my work at home business.  How could I make this work when normally to make more money you have to do twice the amount of work?  Well, lucky for me I have eBay.

Ebay has changed my life.  I guess I should say “our lives” ~ because it has drastically changed the lives of many people I know that are on my team.  How drastic you ask?  Well, that really depends on each individual.  For some that means an extra $300-$500.00 a month.  For others it’s an extra $3000-$5000.00 a month.  It’s really all up to each person, cause it’s YOUR home business.  You can earn as much as you want to!  Really!!  First let me get this out of the way and tell you that ALL RESULTS are up to the work you put into it.  This is not a “get rich quick” thing.  It’s the real deal.  I truely don’t see eBay or Paypal going “POOF” in the middle of the night.  And as long as I’m alive and well, I won’t be dissapering either.

It’s actually a lot of fun.  My kids will sit next to me as I work at my computer, helping me pick out items to list (a few can even process my sales now!) and they LOVE hearing my phone go “cha-ching” whenever I get a sale.  That little notice from my eBay app is the most addicting sound ever!!  It even lights up my husbands face :)

This year we plan on opening ebay accounts for my oldest children who are in college to help them make extra money as well.  Anyone who’s in college knows that it can be tough to hold down a full time job (or even a part time job) and do school.  You also know that having a source of income is a must, unless you have an unlimited supply of money from someone/somewhere else. Whether it’s to pay for gas, books, food, or fun…eBay is a great way for you to make money!

I have big plans for 2014.  I plan to help my team more than I did last year, cause we are all in this together.  It’s important to me that we all are successful.  So we are going to have lots of fun making things happen in 2014.  If you’re not a part of my team yet, we’d love to have you with us!  Leave a comment below to let me know you’re ready to get things going ;)

I hope you have the best 2014 ever.  You deserve it!

If you need me, I’ll be on the corner of eBay and PayPal….


Nicole Acosta




Make it happen in 2014 with eBay!

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  1. Happy New Year 2014 to you too!! Yeah, lot of good and bad things happened in 2013 and I just pray 2014 will be a great year for everyone positive achievement. I really enjoyed reading this awesome article and I hope the cute wishes you’ve planned for 2014 will happen truly in your life. Thanks.
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