Are you using a Gravatar? If not… WHY NOT?

Let me step back for a moment, to explain to those of you who don’t even know what it is.

First of all it is FREE – which is always an added bonus – and also is a wonderful way to help you brand yourself. You see, every time you leave a comment on someone’s WordPress blog you are able to leave three important things behind.

#1: Your Name – That is also linked to whatever site you want it to go to.

#2: Your Gravatar – A picture of you, symbol, ect. that people will or can recognize or remember you by later on.

#3: Your Comment – Which hopefully is sincere. I read many comments and am stunned. I honestly don’t think people actually even read what they are commenting on most of the time. Back to basics here people….treat others how you wish to be treated. Every comment is out there for others to see. Don’t make a fool of yourself ;) Remember, your name and your site are attached here. Will they want to visit your site after reading this?

Well, there it is. Plain and simple. If you don’t have your Gravatar, click on this link here to get yours for free. Don’t be just another empty face out there! Personal branding is VERY important. Getting your Gravatar is another step in doing this, so be sure to do it today.

Have a wonderful day my friends!

Go grab your Gravatar, then be sure to come back here to test it out!

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