Go-Daddy Images

Adding an Image in Go-Daddy

In this video, I show you how to add an image into your Go-Daddy account.  Just like many others, at first I was lost once I logged into godaddy.  But now I can get around pretty well, so I am here to share with you and hopefully help you out!

Now, if they’d quit changing things, it’d be a lot better for all of us.  It seems like they change something every few months, then I have to re-learn how to do things!!  Geesh :/  Ha ha.  They say they are only “making it better for us” so I guess it’s okay…Do me a favor though, if there’s something that is driving you crazy, or you really want to learn how to do LET ME KNOW, would you??  Thanks in advance!

Enjoy the video….

Take it easy friends!

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