Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick

Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick

Has your Galaxy Tablet suddenly shut off? Are you going crazy trying to find out how to get it to turn back on? Tired of searching through the junk pages on the internet for the right answer to fix your galaxy tablet and get it to reset? Keep reading, the secret Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick is just below :D

Christmas 2012 I bought my 7 and 10 year old daughters the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 after one of their iPods was dropped (accidentally) while by being passed between my 7 year old and my 19 year old daughters. After hitting the kitchen floor, the screen was completely crushed, along with lil’ ones heart! She loved her iPod and used it very much.

I was just going to get her another iPod, but with all the Christmas sales going on I was able to get the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 for only $160 with accessories….Hello! Mama didn’t raise no fool!! I went and grabbed two of them, price matched them at my local Best Buy, and used a sweet 10% coupon to boot!

Anyways, that’s not what this post was about. But I thought I would let you know how long we’ve had them before I went into the first issue we’ve had with them so far.

Two days ago, my daughter told me that her tablet just froze. I suggested she to put it to charge over night and we’d check it in the morning.

No luck. It still was not turning on, no matter what we tried there was just a black screen. I tried to hold down the power button to see if it would restart it, or some how reset itself. Again, no luck. I Googled the problem we were having, and of course there was 10,000 tips – most did not work or they were just sites with a bunch of Google ads on them.

Finally, I came across a site that had a few suggestions on it. I scrolled down and just picked one…and it worked!!! Actually, it did not work when I did it, but the magical hands of my little Maria got it to. So I figured why not share this little trick with you!

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy Tablet won’t turn on

Press and hold the power button while touching the screen at the same time. You may have to wait up to 30 seconds as it clears the system. You should notice the logo or battery indicator pop up as it starts. The Tablet will then reboot and everything should be back to normal.

Ta da! That’s the BIG secret to getting your Galaxy Tablet to Reboot.

Maria's Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick

If you have found this at all helpful, please pass this onto others, and if you have another trick that might be helpful please post it in the comments below. Be sure to let me know if this Galaxy Tablet to Reboot trick worked out for you.

Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick

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103 comments on “Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick

  1. Omigod…you saved my life…I really thought the thing had burned out. Thank you so much for sharing this!! It worked perfectly. I’m gonna transfer all the files I don’t have backed up to my PC right away, ’cause I was stressing!

    Thanks again!

    • No problem! This is exactly why I share things with others. I was going nuts too, thinking that it was going to cost a fortune to be fixed! LOL Thanks for taking the time to leave me the comment, it means a lot :)

    • Had the same problem. The tab would not turn on or charge. Tried about every possible solution that a human brain can come up with without going insane and then I got it FIXED! I did the remove battery/put battery back in solution suggested by another member. I then connected it to the Samsung charger and voila! It started charging again. Word of advice: Do NOT let it completely run out of battery. This is what caused mine to go into a virtual coma.

  2. Awesome, mine froze up and wouldn’t do a thing. An app caused it to freeze up and the screen went black. It wouldn’t turn on or off. I charged it and tried to turn it on while charging, while not charging. Nothing worked
    I tried your tip and after holding down the power button while touching the screen after about 15 seconds it turned on and reset.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness! THis really does work! I only had to hold it down for 10 seconds with my finger on the screen and it worked!! thank you soo much!!! you are a life savor!!

  4. Thank you soooo much! My tablet was turned on but frozen and could not shut it off or reboot it. My daughter was driving me crazy because she wanted to play her games and I just couldn’t figure it out until I came by your posting. Thank you. It worked and now she can finally play.

  5. Thank you so much for the tip! I was worried Id have to bring my tab to a service center but then I say your post! You saved me a lot of effort ;-) )

  6. I tried it and nothing so I thought I’d plug it in and try again. I put the plug in and TADAAH! We have power!! It worked! Thank you! My wife is gonna be real happy to have her tab back!!

  7. Thanks so much!! My kids are seriously addicted to the games we have on our tablet…both the fun ones and the educational ones…. and it would have broken their hearts if we had to trash it! Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!

  8. Thank you for your suggestion. It worked. I was having a melt down as I only bought it yesterday and thought I would have to go back to the store.

  9. Omg thank you so much for your post I was going nuts on trying to figure out what to tell my wife she loves that thing . I tried all the searches on web and got Same results as you originally got and then I saw your post thank u thank u thank u love u

  10. Dear Nicole… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! (like that, in capital letters!). I did it and in 10 seconds the battery indicator appeared.
    Thank you for sharing this valuable tip. I was really desperate because this never happened to me before and I’m really happy with this tablet.
    God bless you!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing! My computer has been broken for a few wks and I’m getting a refurbished one this weekend. I’ve been using my galaxy as a substitute but yesterday it froze and when I tried To turn it off the screen went black and it wouldn’t turn back on. I was getting frustrated looking for solutions online like you described. I’m glad I found this — you’re simple trick worked! Thanks again!

  12. You are really a fantastic website owner. The web site launching stride is usually wonderful. It sort of thinks that you’re carrying out just about any unique secret. Additionally, The contents will be must-see. you may have done a wonderful hobby within this matter!

  13. I just wanted to tell you what a generous and truly compassionate person you are for posting the galaxy unfreeze tip. Most sites are not too easy to navigate to find an answer!

  14. OMG! thank you so much! i was on verge on tears when my tab just hanged then i tried to restart and it wouldnt turn on anymore!!
    thank you so much!!!

  15. Thank you thank you so much I just thought I broke my son tablet put it on the charger nothing try powering it nothing did ur step omg it work yay life saver

  16. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Worked perfectly. I was reading on android sites and nothing on there worked at all. Thanks again!

  17. Thank you nicole, it works, it was frustrated when the screen went black on my galaxy tab3 phew! Your information was useful, once again thank you ;)

  18. It worked! Thank you so very much!! My 19 month old uses it to watch Disney Junior & play the baby games on it! She doesn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her use it. I’m shocked at how simple the solution was!

  19. OMG! I was very skeptical, and had already planned on doing a system reset, or returning to place of purchase etc. YOUR TIP FIXED THIS WOULD BE NIGHTMARE OF A PROBLEM IN 20 SECONDS FLAT!!!! You are a genius for posting this for others! Thank you!

  20. thank u thank u really didnt think that would work cant believe it did u have saved me money to find out from samsung thanks for sharing x

  21. you are amazing! one day my tablet just froze and wouldn’t turn back on! so i went to the android help site thing and it was rubbish and not the answer i was looking for, so i tried yours, and it worked! YOU ARE AMAZING THANK GOD FOR YOU! tell your daughter thanks as well!

  22. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, terrific blog!
    Barton Maheux recently posted..Barton Maheux

  23. Woman you are a godsend!!!! Didnt work at first but then plugged into charger, tried again and woohoooo I have my tablet back!

  24. Google problem about not turning on and found your site. Saved me some money and time. Fixed in a flash. Amazing! Thanks so much

  25. Thank you! It rebooted just like you said, then I deleted a bunch of files to give it more space (just in case). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  26. ~Thank you so much! My tablet wouldn’t turn on, so I decided to leave it on the charger, believing that it was completely dead. The next morning when I woke up, it still wouldn’t turn on. After searching for about 10 minutes with no solutions, I suddenly stumbled across your blog and found the perfect answer.~ :) <3

  27. The trick, touching the screen at the same time as pressing the on button worked, Wow who would have figured. Thanks

  28. OMG. Thank you. Really. You’re a life saver.
    I tried charging my tablet and the charger connects but when I tried to turn on my tablet, the logo freezes. I’ve been searching on Google what is the trick to turned it on and when I run into your website. The method actually works.

  29. Thank you, you amazing beautiful person!!! My tablet froze while i was studying some documents i had in it for a midterm and you just saved my life!!!

  30. Thanks it worked!!! , everythings going my way today hubba hubba hubba, such an easy fix & a great trick to remember ……..

  31. Just awesome! My tablet also went blank and whatever I tried it did not work!. Doing the touch screen/power button worked nicely! Regards, life saver…..

  32. You are amazing I have been trying everything and that small little touch of the screen and it’s working …thank you thank you thank you

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  34. Thank you so much for sharing this story, and it helped me fix my tablet as are awesome! :)

  35. Lol lol… I thought I was a genius but I guess Maria deserve the title, I solved so many problems in the past nut I had to Google this lol… you saved my tablet Maria thxx, thank you Nicole. You guys are awesome.
    I can’t believe Samsung didn’t address this, or it is embarrassing for them… if i was samsung CEO i would send a free tablet to Maria and lifetime free upgrade…. go Maria

  36. OMG MATE!!! I ussualy dont comment on thibgs like this but Thanks!!! My galaxy 3 tablet t210 was working just fine and i locked it and left it at home and went out, but after i returned it didnt work!! Just black screen, not even glow, and when i plugged in usb pc recognised it, but this tip saved me after reading 10000 of useless ones. Again mantly thanks!

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