Focus, Focus, Focus

I have noticed that the majority of people that are trying to build their new MLM or home based business believe that it is about convincing people of the product, comp plan, or founders.  They study and study to learn every single detail of all of those aspects of  the company.  When armed with this knowledge they go out into the world with full force.

But  here’s the deal…not many people care about all that stuff.  They just want to know if they can do it, not how great it is.  Knowing too much about your new business will have your prospects thinking they have to know all that stuff (which they don’t) and they will see this as something that will take them too much time that they don’t have and not as an opportunity like they should.  I have seen people spend more time trying to understand their compensation plan than they try to prospect.  Why bother learning something if you will never gain anything out of that knowledge?

So what should you do?? Focus on sharing information if the team they will be a part of.  Focus on the tools available for anyone to use to help them market.  Focus on presenting from a stance that if you can do it, they can too.  Fall forward and know that your first or probably your last presentation will NOT be perfect but it doesn’t have to be.  As long as you show the audience that you are doing something that they can also do themselves you’ll do just fine!

With your focus in the right place you’ll be a great leader…Just don’t lose your head in the clouds. Great Leaders have Great Followers!

To Your, Mine, and Our Success!

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