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Facebook Tips

Here’s a few facebook tips for all of you!  I have shared this with a few friends of mine who have been online for quite some time and they were shocked to learn this…they had thought the same thing that I did, that people were either not on facebook as much, or were offline all together because we did not see them in our home page feed.  Once you make this simple change you too will say “WOW!!”.

Be a nice facebook friend. Interact with your friends more, especially with ones you haven’t in awhile!  :D

I hope you enjoyed these facebook tips!  Remember, there are easy one step sharing buttons below so you too can share this tip with YOUR friends!  The more you share with others, the more people will see your updates as well ;)

One comment on “Facebook Tips – Home Page & Status Updates

  1. Hey Nicole, thanks for the tips. You are right, a lot of people don’t know about these things. Facebook is always changing things up and you have to stay on top of it.

    thanks Nicole :-)
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