Contest Time!


Contest Time!

It’s Contest Time….Are you ready to make some MONEY???

In order to help out our team members, we (Scott, Oniece, Carol, Janet, Obi and I) have decided to have a contest for our team!

Being such nice TEAM leaders, we have put together a referral contest to help give a little boost and hopefully explode this team even more.  You all do a very wonderful job – why not make a little extra cash?!!  I know that we all can use this, so go and have fun promoting like crazy! If you are in any of these teams, you are eligible to participate in this contest!!

If you are not on our team yet….

Click Here To Join!


Contest Rules:

  • Join our program here or click on the banner above
  • Register to enter the contest with your sponsor
  • You must tell us when you get a new member so we can verify it

The first one to get 10 members will receive $100, 2nd place wins $60 and 3rd place $40.

So start recruiting like crazy!

My daughter has decided to join the contest, only problem is – she is new to all this and has no way to promote.  But Mommy has decided to let her make her pitch here….

Join Me :)  Let's make some money online together!
Hi everyone. My name is Alicya, and I’m 18 years old. I’m at home trying to finish school. I’ve been trying to get a job for a quite a while now, but haven’t had any luck.

My mom got me into this program and now I’m making money with it. Definitely happy about that.  I don’t have anyone in my downline yet – I want to promote, I’m just not sure how. I’m really looking forward to you joining my team ;)


Hint, Hint!! Come everyone, I know you’ll LOVE this biz opp.


Take a look at these before you go:

  • This is NOT something that will take you away from your current venture
  • It takes less time to do then it does to drink a cup of coffee
  • No need for a hefty downline
  • Steady company with great customer service — here in the US
  • Being able to work with me!!!!   (which I think is the best of all!)


Please if you have any questions, just ask.  We’d love to have you with us!




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