Are You A Leader, Or Are You Just Willing To Lead?

Being willing to lead doesn’t make you a leader. It just makes you someone that is willing to lead. A leader is not always willing to lead, in fact more times than not he/she is called into action. A leader will know when it is time to lead, and in that moment will demonstrate what it takes in that minute to provide a vessel to the necessary solution. A leader demonstrates the intangibles of what it takes to lead. And that is having the ability of setting the examples. Are you willing to set examples? Are you willing to take up the lead for something or someone and provide an alternative to the given solution? A leader knows where they are going. In order to lead anyone the leader must first know where they are, and secondly how they’re going to get there.

What is a leader? A leader is someone that “turns water into wine”, wrestles ancient manuscripts from the lair of sleeping dragons, “and clears tall buildings in single leaps”. A leader has the ability to seem super human. A person that could never do any wrong because a leader builds legend, a leader becomes legendary. Knowing this would you even want to become a leader? A leader is usually the first person there and the last person to leave. Would you want the extra responsibility? There is no one to blame when everything goes wrong, the leader would have to own up to it. When you are brought in front of an assembly from within a crowd, the natural question becomes who is the leader? When presenting ideas from an audience, we are taught to speak one at a time and clearly. A leader is precise and has clarity; he/she demonstrates promptness and prudence.

What does it take to become a leader? Having a belly burning desire to win. Having a sense of urgency in a particular matter or cause, a purpose driven perspective. A good question for potential leaders would be what will you do when you become a leader? Where will you go and what will you change? A leader will not only know the answer to this question but will also have the ability to provide this example. A leader is not taken off the hook lightly if something goes wrong. A leader has to lead by example, ultimately first calling the shot and then hitting it. It is quite alright to be willing to lead; in fact it is our human nature. Having the ability to take that experience and use it to become an example to live by, well then that is the mark of a leader.

–These are just some takes on what a “leader” is. All of us have different views, or look at “leaders” in different ways…So tell me, Where do you stand on this?  Do you think of yourself as a leader?  Why, or why not?  Please share with us below!

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