Protect What You Have!

Officer Acosta

Are you building a team that is committed to walking with integrity,
honesty and putting others needs before their own?

That is what we all want and need, but if you, as the leader don’t set a good example then you can probably forget about this happening…for it’s those who give away their time without the motive of personal gain that make it in this world.  The biggest income earners are always the greatest givers.

When you are building a team, it’s like you are raising a family.

You protect your family, right?  Of course you do!  And you should protect your team as well.

Don’t just plug people into a downline and expect your team to flourish.  Use caution and be selective….even if it means building slowly.  It is best to talk with people first, get to know them…find out what they want and need.  This is how you will find out if they will be a benefit or not to your team.

There are a lot of selfish marketers out there that are very negative and bring others down.  Be strong.  But don’t forget to have some fun!

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